Vilnius Academy of Art is the only Lithuanian high school that has been educating art professionals for more than 200 years. Nearly two thousand students study in its faculties such as the Faculty of Visual and Applied Arts, Architecture and Design, Humanitarian and Social Sciences as well as Kaunas and Telšiai Faculties of Arts. After the completion of the related study programmes the graduates will become professional graphic artists, sculptors, designers (interior, costume, metal plastics, etc.), architects, painters, etc. The lecturers of the Academy as well as its graduates and students have received many national and international high-level awards and they constantly participate in the competitions and exhibitions both in Lithuania and abroad.
Telšiai Faculty of Arts has been preparing professional jewellers since 1998 (bachelors in metal plastics) who continue their master’s degree studies in the Design Department of Vilnius Academy of Art.
Side by side to the usual academic, scholarly and creative activity, Vilnius Academy of Art pays much attention to the qualification of students and lecturers in the sphere of creative entrepreneurship.
With the same purpose, the jewellery gallery “ARgenTum” has been launched.
The main objective of the gallery is the organization of individual, collective, conceptual, methodical, and experimental jewellery and other kind of exhibitions.